Guided Tours Of Italy

"The Italy mainland tours are a unique way to explore the historical and cultural cachets of Italy’s inspiring architecture, the world’s greatest works of art, its gastronomy and its addictive way of living."

Italy is more than a country, it is the home of many astonishing works of art, impressive architecture and worldly known gastronomy. Italy’s abundant and deep-rooted history, rich culture and strong sense of tradition, has earned it the coveted status as the country with the most Unesco World Heritage cultural sites than any other country on Earth. Every part of the country leaves its travellers with marks on their souls, as they capture with a blink of their eye its magical and beautiful nature. Its cultural riches in Rome, Vatican City and Pompeii will enrich your soul and mind, its idiosyncratic style is envied the world over and the core of Italian psychology, a commitment to living life well and appreciating the finer things in life; will encourage you to live vita all’italiana (life, the Italian style). Italy’s Mediterranean diet stems from a passion for gastronomy, centred on creating authentic, homemade dishes that are appetizing and rich in flavour, ensuring that throughout your travels you will enjoy endless fine feasts.

Whatever part of Italy you choose to explore, Italy will take you on its journey making you part of its natural masterpiece and extraordinary landscape.

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