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  • Island Hopping Holidays in Greece
  • Island Hopping Holidays in Greece
  • Island Hopping Holidays in Greece
  • Island Hopping Holidays in Greece
  • Island Hopping Holidays in Greece

Island Hopping Holidays in Greece

There are very few experiences in the world quite like ‘hopping’ around the Greek islands. Whilst the Greek islands share some general characteristics, each island has its own character, its own individuality, its own soul. With so many islands to choose from however, the possibilities with Greek island hopping are endless and simply knowing where to begin can be a nightmare. Here at Cyplon Holidays, we have the experience and expertise to make your island hopping experience as seamless and as enjoyable as possible, tailoring your journey to your exact wants and needs. On the next page you will find a few notable islands, which can be combined with any of the resorts in Greece featured in this brochure, and are well worth a mention.

Amorgos Island

Amorgos Island - Greece

This easternmost island of the Cyclades Island group is only 30km end to end but reaches over 800m at its highest point,resulting in a spectacular landscape. Tourism To Amorgos focuses more on archaeology and activities such as hiking and rockclimbing rather than beach going, although there are beaches here too. The three main towns are Hora, Katapola and Aegiali.

Milos Island

Milos Island - Greece

The beautiful island of Milos may not be as popular or as well known as its sister islands,Santorini and Mykonos, but that is all a part of its beauty. Milos is a secret gem within a sea of popular destinations and it’s filled with charming little secrets that haven’t been unravelled by mainstream tourism just yet.

Syros Island

Syros Island - Greece

Syros is a part of the Cyclades in the beautiful Aegean Sea – and it’s the perfect blend of old and new, traditional and contemporary.Bringing together the classic beauty of traditional stone architecture and the island’s countless churches and cathedrals together with a chic island culture and modern tourism, Syros is bursting with life and culture.

Lesvos Island

Lesvos Island - Greece

Lesvos is the third largest of the Greek Islands And Mytilini is its dazzling capital and one of the most ancient Greek cities, boasting a mix of ancient monuments, neoclassical architecture, Byzantine temples and baroque church buildings. If it’s your first time on Lesvos Island, be sure to try the food and drink specialities such as their locally produced olive oils and their ever-popular Ouzo.

Patmos Island

Patmos Island - Greece

Patmos is a small Greek island, as a part of the Dodecanese island cluster and it is considered to be one of the most spiritual places in Greece. It’s probably most famous for being the island of the Apocalypse, where Saint John the Divine’s‘Book of Apocalypse’ was written in the depths of a cave.

Samos Island

Samos Island - Greece

In the North Aegean Sea is the seductive island of Samos. This gorgeous island offers a varied landscape of beaches,countryside, mountains and wetland; a truly diverse and interesting place for those who love nature. Visit one of the island’s many vineyards to taste the famous local Samiotaki wine or go hiking to the top of Kerkis Volcano.

Sifnos Island

Sifnos Island - Greece

Sifnos is located between the Serifos andMilos islands within the Cyclades cluster.It offers one of the dreamiest islandlandscapes and as a small island, it’s a quietretreat almost all year round. Don’t miss the capital Apollonia for great food and wine,the hilltop town of Kastro for a great scenic drive, and the fishing village of Hersonissos.

Kalimnos Island

Kalimnos Island - Greece

Set between the islands of Kos and Leros,Kalimnos is populated by around 16,000people and is considered to be one of the wealthiest Greek islands. Kalmimnos is famous for its citrus fruits and is particularly well known rock climbing and sponge diving. The Best beach on the island is called Brosta and it should be noted that some beaches cannot be reached by road, only by boat.

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  • An amazing place to visit for history lovers! There are loads of archaeological sites to fill up your days.

    Chris Peristiani, Cyplon Holidays


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