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Croatia is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting holiday destinations of the moment. It’s an up and coming party destination, a fantastic choice for a family vacation; and also a country offering a rich history, a spectacular coastline, a heterogeneous cuisine which takes flavours from both its land and water neighbours, and as many islands as a self-confessed island lover could wish for.

Croatia At A Glance:

  • Airports: DBV, SPU, PUY, ZAD, ZAG
  • Avg. Flight Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Avg. Temperature: 25°C
  • Avg. Transfer Time: 1 Hour
  • Time Zone: GMT +1
  • Currency: Kuna
  • Language: Croatian
  • Population: 4,290,000
Family in Croatia

Croatia More Info:


Spending quality time with the family is one of the most important things in life and something that Cyplon Holidays places great emphasis on. We have cherrypicked the hotels that will provide you with the most suitable environment for some special bonding time. Not forgetting a hotel that allows the kids to play and have fun in an exciting yet safe environment.


The food in Croatia is heavily influenced by its neighbouring countries, not only by land but also some of its neighbours across the water. This gives Croatian cuisine a truly diverse taste. You’ll find a distinctive difference between coastal and inland cuisine; with the coast being influenced by Greece, Italy and France and the inland being influenced by Hungarian, Austrian and even Turkish cooking. Visit Croatia and expect a big emphasis on pasta dishes, a lot of passion for freshly caught seafood, a varied use of herbs and spices depending on region, traditional stews and goulash dishes, and grilled meats. .


Formerly Yugoslavia, Croatia has close ties to its neighbouring countries, which together were once republics of the former country. But the Croats themselves believe that they have the most in common with Austria, and they consider themselves to be Europeans rather than Balkanites. Because of the country’s unique location, wedged in between Central Europe and the Balkans, visitors will find an interesting mix when it comes to culture – and most definitely with food. With more than fourteen centuries of recorded Croatian history, Croatia is an ideal place for music, art, history and education.

Things to see & do

Dubrovnik, in southern Croatia, is perhaps one of the more ‘touristy’ cities in Croatia. Though popular it may be with recent travellers, the city still very much retains its traditional and old world charm. Visit Dubrovnik for its famous Old City (including the spectacular 12th–17th Century old city walls which are considered to be one of the most important constructions of the Middle Ages), for the nearby beaches which boast crystal clear waters, great nightlife or for the amazing harbour-side restaurants serving up the finest seafood. And don’t forget to head down all the little side streets to find hidden bars which offer reasonably priced local wines.

Beach Holidays

Want the sun, sand and sea? Are sunbathing and relaxation your key ingredients? Look no further than our beach holidays. These hotels will be in close proximity to the wonderful ocean shore if not right next to it– Paradise!

Spa Holidays

Gorgeous hotels, with fantastic spa or health facilities – what more could you want from the ultimate luxury holiday? Book specialist treatments and enjoy relaxing massages. Rest your mind, body and soul on holiday and come home refreshed and revitalised.

Romantic Holidays

Looking for spectacular scenery, sumptuous dining and that extra je ne sais quoi? These hotels will help you find that connection with a loved one. Whilst not necessarily an adult-only environment, these hotels will often have a separate adults pool area. Failing that, then at the very least it will have all the other necessary ingredients to make your heart flutter.

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