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For picture-perfect beaches and jaw-dropping antiquities, come along on one of our holidays to Egypt. In this beautiful country, you enjoy any combination of activities and adventures. Try soaking up the Eastern atmosphere in the souks or experiencing ancient history up close and personal, examining gigantic hieroglyphs for yourself. If you’d rather indulge in a little pampering, relax in tranquility by the azure sea before enjoying an aromatic massage in one of their world-class spas.

Egypt At A Glance:

  • Airports: HRG, SSH, LXR, RMF
  • Avg. Flight Time: 5 Hours
  • Avg. Temperature: 28-33°C
  • Avg. Transfer Time: 45 Mins
  • Time Zone: GMT +2
  • Currency: EGP
  • Language: Arabic
  • Population: 94,500,000
History in Egypt

Egypt More Info:


Egypt has a rich and tumultuous history with records dating back to about 3150 BC at the beginning of one of the greatest ancient civilisations in the world. Ancient Egypt stretched along the fertile Nile Valley and delta, and the great thinkers of the day invented many objects and techniques that we now take for granted including the door lock, one of the earliest forms of paper and of course construction techniques such as those used to create the colossal pyramids. In the many centuries between these wondrous creations and modern day, Egypt has experienced a whirlwind of dynasties, conquerors and cultural influences. Look closely during your visit for Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Arab and European influences still prevalent throughout the architecture and ambiance of the country.


Egyptian cuisine is the delicious result of their rich cultural history, bringing together an array of spices and influences from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Travellers with a large sweet tooth will want to try a steaming cup of shai tea and might want to pick up a bit of halawa to munch on while exploring the souks. Halawa is a sweet made from sesame paste that is common throughout many countries in the region, and it is often infused with other nuts or seeds. If you happen to be on one of our Egypt holidays during a festival and are feeling particularly famished, try the Nubian dish fatta. This delicious (and calorific, it must be said) dish is a concoction of toasted Arabian bread, broth, rice, garlicky tomato sauce, and braised meat that must be tasted to be believed.

Things to See

There is no limit to the number of fascinating places and world famous monuments to see in Egypt. At the top of the list are the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. The scale and stature of these man-made marvels never ceases to amaze. Visit Karnak to pore over the intricate hieroglyphs from one of mankind’s earliest written languages carved along the circumference of 134 massive columns. The tombs and chambers in the Valley of the Kings are also decorated with intricate runes that indicate the somewhat-macabre funerary rituals of the time. The Egyptian Museum and its Royal Mummy Room is a must-see for those visiting Cairo. Of course Egypt is also home to breathtaking landscapes such as the Siwa Oasis and Red Sea coastline that offer great activities for outdoors aficionados.

Things to Do

Travel along Egypt’s ancient lifeline on a Nile River cruise. Those looking for the most leisurely of routes might enjoy boarding a Felucca, the ancient sailboat design dating back thousands of years in the region. Wildlife enthusiasts will love diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea. Sharm el-Sheikh at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula is a particularly fabulous place to discover exotic seascapes and submerged ruins. Sun worshippers have no problem finding a place to unroll their towel with miles of golden beaches stretching along the coast including the worldrenowned resorts at Hurghada and El Gouna. These happening resorts are also fantastic places to head out for a night on the town with a number of chic and stylish clubs to explore.

Nile Cruises

Cruising from Luxor to Aswan and back again, you will have the chance to explore some of Egypt’s most important sites, including the Valley of the Kings, Philae Temple, the Colossi of Memnon, Karnak Temple and the Aswan High Dam. All our Cruises include excursions and are based on full board, with meals provided - the only extra cost you need to allow for, is drinks. Below is a sample seven night itinerary. Shorter itineraries of three and four nights are also available and extra excursions including the Luxor and Aswan Sound & Light Show and Abu Simbel can be pre-booked via our Reservations team.



It’s hard to find a better place to dive than the Red Sea. Add to that the region’s all year round sunny climate, high quality accommodation and array of activities on dry land and in the water and you can see why divers and tourists alike flock here year after year. The friendly locals are always ready to extend a warm welcome, and for UK divers, all this is a mere 5 hour flight away. Easily accessible dive sites, excellent underwater visibility and the calm waters available in parts of the region make ideal conditions for learning to dive, while qualified divers will find plenty of excitement on the more challenging sites such as the SS Thistlegorm wreck and the Ras Mohammed national park.


Since the first course opened in Egypt in the late 19th century, golf has continued to grow in popularity with courses peppered along the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and the Sinai coasts. Courses on the Red Sea and Sinai coastlines offer particularly beautiful vistas as a backdrop to your game and there are courses to suit all tastes and all standards. Whether you’re racking up the hole-in-ones or would love to learn but have barely touched a putter in your life, our Egypt golf holidays will delight fans of the sport. Cyplon Holidays has extensive experience arranging Egypt golf holidays and will help you find the best course to enjoy a round and perfect your swing.


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