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Holidays to Egypt

For picture-perfect beaches and jaw-dropping antiquities, come along on one of our holidays to Egypt. In this beautiful country, you enjoy any combination of activities and adventures. Try soaking up the Eastern atmosphere in the souks or experiencing ancient history up close and personal, examining gigantic hieroglyphs for yourself. If you’d rather indulge in a little pampering, relax in tranquility by the azure sea before enjoying an aromatic massage in one of their world-class spas.


Egypt has a rich and tumultuous history with records dating back to about 3150 BC at the beginning of one of the greatest ancient civilisations in the world. Ancient Egypt stretched along the fertile Nile Valley and delta, and the great thinkers of the day invented many objects and techniques that we now take for granted including the door lock, one of the earliest forms of paper and of course construction techniques such as those used to create the colossal pyramids. In the many centuries between these wondrous creations and modern day, Egypt has experienced a whirlwind of dynasties, conquerors and cultural influences. Look closely during your visit for Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Arab and European influences still prevalent throughout the architecture and ambiance of the country.


As you may suspect, Egypt is the perfect place to escape to for a warm getaway. The weather is generally dry and warm with very toasty summer days and extremely mild winters. The Mediterranean Sea winds caress the northern coast keeping the climate quite temperate, and the mountainous areas of the Sinai Peninsula tend to have the coldest night temperatures. It is good to keep in mind the strong Khasmin winds when planning the dates for your trip to Egypt. The winds that can occasionally blow between March and May bring sand and heat up from the [Sahara] in the southeast up to the north of the country. The winds are just a part of everyday life in Egypt, but it’s nice to be prepared if you want to be out and about visiting the incredible ancient Egyptian archaeological sites.
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