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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia is a cultural powerhouse with thousands of years of diverse history from the ancient Carthaginian Empire to 19th century French influence. The small Maghreb country offers an unusually wide variety of climates and landscapes as the northernmost country in Africa including the flourishing Mediterranean gardens of Cap Bon, the never-ending layers of history in Carthage and Tunis, the sometimes snow-capped mountainous coast of Tabarka, and the otherworldly undulating desert towns such as Matmata to the south. Our expertise will help you take advantage of Tunisia’s leisure opportunities, its history and its beauty to plan the perfect Tunisian holiday.

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5* Hasdrubal Prestige, Djerba
5* Hasdrubal Prestige, DjerbaTunisia
5* Radisson Blu Palace, Djerba
5* Radisson Blu Palace, DjerbaTunisia
5* Radisson Blu Ulysse, Djerba
5* Radisson Blu Ulysse, DjerbaTunisia
5* Mövenpick Hotel, Gammarth
5* Mövenpick Hotel, GammarthTunisia
5* The Residence Tunis, Gammarth
5* The Residence Tunis, GammarthTunisia
5* Hasdrubal Thalassa, Hammamet
5* Hasdrubal Thalassa, HammametTunisia
5* Medina Solaria, Hammamet
5* Medina Solaria, HammametTunisia
5* Le Royal, Hammamet
5* Le Royal, HammametTunisia
5* Radisson Blu Resort, Hammamet
5* Radisson Blu Resort, HammametTunisia
5* Royal Azur, Hammamet
5* Royal Azur, HammametTunisia
5* The Sindbad, Hammamet
5* The Sindbad, HammametTunisia
4* Hasdrubal, Port El Kantaoui
4* Hasdrubal, Port El KantaouiTunisia
4* Marhaba Palace, Port El Kantaoui
4* Marhaba Palace, Port El KantaouiTunisia
5* Mövenpick Resort, Sousse
5* Mövenpick Resort, SousseTunisia

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General Information About Tunisia



From early June through to early December, Tunisia is buzzing with any number cultural festivals. Bird enthusiasts would not want to miss the Falconry Festival in El Haouraria in June, and equestrians will be interested in the Thoroughbred Horse Festival in Meknassy dedicated to the exquisite and famous Arabian thoroughbred. Arabian arts are celebrated at the Festival of Yasmine Hammamet in July as well as Festival of the Medina in Tunis in autumn, and the midsummer Malouf Festival in Testour celebrates malouf, the unique Andalusian Arab music. The autumnal Festival of the Sahara in Douz and the Festival of the Oases in Tozeur round off the festival season and occur during the delicious date harvest.



Tunisian food mirrors its history, mixing the distinctive African Maghreb cooking style and spices with abundant Mediterranean produce. The fare varies with the land, and game is preferred near the Atlas Mountains while seafood is enjoyed at the coasts. Couscous is the national dish of Tunisia and is prepared in a kiskas, a special kind of double boiler that uses the aromatic steam rising from the spiced meat or vegetables to cook the couscous above. Thick harissa, a tangy chili paste, is often used to complement a dish. The Tunisian tajin, unlike the Moroccan tajine, is similar to a frittata made with eggs, cheese, and various fillings. For the holidaymaker on the go, there are always lablabi street stands available for a quick and filling dish of chickpea stew that is heavy on any number of garnishes and condiments.

  • Costas Anastasi
    Where Africa meets the Mediterranean - Tunisia combines beauty, culture and history in a way like no other. A must-see for any traveller!
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