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Morocco Holidays

Forming the north-west shoulder of the African continent, Morocco is a melting pot of Berber, Arabian and European cultures and influences. This exotic blend gives Morocco a truly unique identity with nowhere in the world quite like it. The diversity found within Morocco is astonishing, with the ever bustling city of Marrakech, beach side towns of Agadir and Essaouira, the expansive Sahara desert and the indomitable and breathtakingly beautiful Atlas Mountains, not to mention other historical and cultural highlights including Fez, Casablanca and Rabat.

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General Information About Morocco

History and Culture

History and Culture

Moroccan culture is grounded with ancient Berber influence that spans at least 5000 years. As with many countries in the Mediterranean, Morocco experienced Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman invaders throughout its early history prior to Muslim conquest in the late 7th century. Though intricate Arabic decorative features and architecture dominate the country, each of the countries and empires from Morocco’s interwoven history exert palpable influence on Moroccan music, cuisine and culture. For example, French has remained Morocco’s unofficial third language following its period as a French protectorate in the early 20th century.



Moroccan food is lightly exotic and often hearty. The cuisine takes full advantage of fresh African and Mediterranean produce as well as its Berber, Moorish and Arab influences. Local produce is combined elegantly with saffron-tinged couscous in tagines studded with cubes of braised lamb and flavoured with ras el hanout, a blend of the spice souk’s best offerings. If you can get your hands on it while on one of our Morocco holidays, be sure to try pastille, a delicious and elaborate meat pie that piquantly combines sweet and salty flavours in crepe-like dough. While exploring the medina, you will want to stop for a refreshing, sweet glass of mint tea. Be sure to pour the teapot as high as you dare for the ultimate bubbly brew.



The Imichil Marriage Festival in late summer is an exuberant Berber marriage celebration where up to forty couples tie the knot. Essaouira hosts the Gnawa and World Music Festival in the heady days of early summer. Gnawa music is an entrancing combination of percussive rhythms, ritual poetry, melodic phrasing and dancing, and the repertoire has in Berber, African and Arabic traditions. Follow your ears to any one of the many cafes on the waterfront to enjoy a glass of mint tea and a little live music. Our holidays to Morocco are the perfect opportunity to experience the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival. This celebration draws a plethora of performing artists, and it takes place in the Djemma el-Fna and the ruins of the 16th-century Badi Palace. If you’re in town for this festival, you can’t miss the Fantasia, a horse-riding spectacle outside the city walls at night.

Marrackech Riads

Marrackech Riads

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house with a garden or courtyard at its centre. The Arabic term for the word “garden” is “Ryad”. The inward and centrally focussed design of these houses were to allow for greater privacy
for the family. In Marrakech, many of the larger Riads and palatial homes of the rich and famous from the ‘old world’ have been converted into boutique hotels, giving guests a unique experience and a different kind of stay. The smaller Riad hotels in Marrakech are largely owner managed, resulting in a warm family atmosphere and traditional home made Moroccan meals being served. Whilst styles and the degree of luxury varies from Riad to Riad, traditional decor and furnishings ensure that guests are given an authentic taste of Moroccan life.

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    A place of mystical magic, Morocco has that special something which just can not be described by words - you have to try it!
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