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"Rovinj is one of Croatia's hidden Gems with picturesque views & fabulous 5 Star Luxury Hotels, be sure to pay a visit to this unique town..."

A picturesque town on Croatia’s famous Istrian peninsula, it juts out into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, making it a stunning holiday destination. It is renowned for the quality of its pebble beaches, with the nearby Lone Bay especially good. This combined with the Italian style cuisine and proximity to the vibrant city of Dubrovnik, make it ideal for people who want to visit the city without actually staying there. Rovinj has several sites of historical value, including a beautiful church that dominates the town’s skyline and a bronze age fort, situated on a hilltop near the town. All of this and more makes it perfect for people who want a quiet and relaxing holiday, close to spectacular nature and several other amazing destinations.


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Rovinj, Croatia Holidays

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Rovinj, Croatia Holidays

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Rovinj Travel Guide

At A Glance:

  • Airports: Pula Airport (PUY)
  • Avg. Flight Time: 2 Hours, 10 Minutes
  • Avg. Temperature: 25°C
  • Avg. Transfer Time: 1 Hour
  • Time Zone: GMT +1
  • Currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Language: Croatian
  • Population: 16,000


Rovinj is a small Croatian fishing town situated on the western part of the Istrian peninsula. Its quaint old town is located on a headland that juts out into the ocean, which extends backwards into a series of meandering cobbled streets that lead to the Church of St. Euphemia that dominates the village’s skyline. It is famous for its many beautiful pebble beaches, with lone bay especially famous. The town is fairly small with a population of just 15,000, making it ideal for people who want a quiet holiday in beautiful surroundings.


With a temperate Mediterranean climate, it has warm summers and winters that are fairly mild. The hottest months are June, July and August, when temperatures regularly sit above 24 degrees and the seas can reach up to 25 degrees, making them ideal for swimming. The Spring and the Autumn are both reasonably pleasant, making it a fairly good all-year-round destination.

History and Culture

Dating back to the 8th century BC, it was a small town sheltered by a small hill. It remained a small fishing and trading town past Medieval times, with an important trading agreement signed with its powerful neighbour Dubrovnik in 1188. It caught the eye of the Venetians, who were the most powerful nation in the region and the people of Rovinj signed a protection agreement with them in 1283. This led to the construction of a large number of important buildings, although it appears that the citizens were not especially enamoured with the agreement. When Venice collapsed in 1797, Rovinj became a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, especially famous for the tobacco factory that was there at the time. It briefly became a part of Italy after the second world war, before joining Yugoslavia in 1947.


Strongly influenced by Italian flavours, it is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic pizza cooked in a wooden oven or homemade pasta. The restaurants around the area also offer other local delicacies, such as cured ham, wild asparagus and truffles. The town is also famous for its seafood and things such as crab or shellfish are especially good. Istrian wine is famous for being some of the best in all Croatia, with the most popular types including Malmsey, Chardonnay, Teran and Merlot.

Family Activities

The town is all about the joys and wonders of nature, with a plethora of great beaches and coastal areas dotted around the town. Children are sure to enjoy the Lim Bay, home to sensational natural scenery, calm waters and fascinating caves. The Sveti Andrija island is an idyllic Croatian island perched in the beautiful Adriatic Sea, with a large number of wonderful family activities that visitors are bound to enjoy on their family holiday. Many of the hotels in the area also offer children’s facilities, ensuring that there are plenty of activities for children to enjoy.

Tours and Attractions

With a good selection of tours and attractions, visitors to the area are sure to enjoy exploring Rovinj. Monkodonja, the Bronze Age fort located close to the town, is a fascinating day out that is ideal for anyone who is interested in history. Lin Bay, is a gorgeous coastal area, replete with stunning surroundings and plenty of delicious restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Along with the Palud nature preserve, home to a myriad of fascinating bird species.


Unlike other areas in Croatia, Rovinj is a fairly quiet town, making it ideal for people who want to spend some relaxing time close to the sea. The old town is perfect for those seeking quiet meals or fashionable bars, where you can have enjoyable conversations with friends and relatives. There are also a few clubs dotted around the coast, although those seeking a really wild time should probably head to one of the larger cities in Croatia.

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