Guided Tours Of Israel

"A Guided Tour around one of the holiest places in the world needs no introductions, with attractions for people of all faiths. Taking in all the sights with a well-organised Guided Tour is a great way to explore this unique country..."

Israel offers a truly unique experience to its visitors, the history and religious importance of the region is simply unrivalled anywhere else in the world. In order to gain a greater appreciation and a better understanding of the significance of Israel’s magnificent sites, and to truly get the most out of your time here, we highly recommend that you take one of Cyplon Holidays’ set guided tours.

Israel Highlights Tour Israel Highlights Tour
  • Float in the waters of the Dead Sea
  • Tour of Old & New Jerusalem
  • Visit Christian Holy sites in Nazareth
  • Visit the ancient ruins of Caesarea
  • Visit Bethlehem and Church of the Nativity

Israel Bibleland Tour Israel Bibleland Tour
  • Walk along the Via Dolorosa
  • Visit the Western Wall
  • Visit Mt Zion & tomb of King David
  • Sightseeing tour of Jerusalem
  • Bethlehem & Church of the Nativity

Heritage Of The Holyland Tour Heritage Of The Holyland Tour
  • Visit the Sea of Galilee
  • Float in the waters of the Dead Sea
  • Visit sites of some of Jesus' miracles
  • Tour of Jerusalem
  • Birthplace of John the Baptist

Past To The Future Tour Past To The Future Tour
  • Discover the Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv
  • Tour the port city of Jaffa port city
  • Discover Caesarea’s history and significance
  • Enjoy a Galilee wine tasting experience
  • Walk through The Golan Olive Oil Mill

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