Guided Tours Of Jordan

"Jordan is a fascinating country to visit for history & culture enthusiasts! There are plenty of archaeological sites to visit, stunning views and beaches to explore in Jordan. A Guided Tour is ultimately the best and easiest way to experience it all!"

Few places on earth display virtually the entire course of human development within a few hundred square kilometres. Every major period of history, from the Paleothic Age to the modern-era can be traced across Jordan’s soil. By discovering Jordan, you discover the history of the world and experience journeys taken by people going further back than biblical times. Given the country’s rich history and so many world renowned sights, we suggest that you book one of Cyplon Holidays’ set guided tours so that you can fully appreciate what makes Jordan such a significant and fascinating destination.

Jordan Discovery Tour Jordan Discovery Tour
  • City Tour of Amman
  • Float in the waters of the Dead Sea
  • Visit Moses' alleged burial site
  • Full day visit to Petra
  • Visit the Wadi Rum desert

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