Island Hopping in Greece

There are very few experiences in the world quite like ‘hopping’ around the Greek islands. Whilst the Greek islands share some general characteristics, each island has its own character, its own individuality, its own soul. With so many islands to choose from however, the possibilities with Greek island hopping are endless and simply knowing where to begin can be a nightmare. Here at Cyplon Holidays, we have the experience and expertise to make your island hopping experience as seamless and as enjoyable as possible, tailoring your journey to your exact wants and needs. On the next page you will find a few notable islands, which can be combined with any of the resorts in Greece featured in this brochure, and are well worth a mention.

Dodecanese Islands 8 Nights Example Itineraryfrom £1499pp

  • 2 Nights - Rhodes
  • 2 Nights - Symi
  • 2 Nights - Patmos
  • 2 Nights - Kos
  • 0208 340 7612

Ionian Islands 10 Nights Example Itineraryfrom £1695pp

  • 3 Nights - Corfu
  • 5 Nights - Kefalonia
  • 2 Nights - Zakynthos
  • 0208 340 7612

Cyclades Islands 10 Nights Example Itineraryfrom £1785pp

  • 2 Nights - Santorini
  • 2 Nights - Paros, Naxos or Ios
  • 2 Nights - Syros
  • 2 Nights - Tinos or Andros
  • 2 Nights - Mykonos
  • 0208 340 7612


The ‘Cyclades Islands’ are located south-east of mainland Greece. The name of the island group refers to the islands that ‘circle’ the sacred island of Delos. Whilst Mykonos and Santorini are by far the most popular islands within this group, the lesser known island should not be ignored. Most of the Cycladic islands are peaks of mountainous land, now submerged under the Aegean Sea and the islands of Santorini and Milos are volcanic islands. Given the islands’ geology, most if the islands’ terrain can be hilly and therefore offer some incredible panoramic vistas. You can fly directly to Mykonos or Santorini where there are excellent connections to the other islands. Alternatively, from Athens there are internal flight-connections to the islands of Milos, Syros, Mykonos and Santorini.

Cyclades Islands

Andros • Kea-Kythnos • Milos • Mykonos • Naxos • Paros • Thira • Syros • Tinos


The ‘Dodecanese Islands’ are situated in the south-easternmost region of the Aegean Sea. The most well known and popular islands within this group include Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and Leros, with Kalymnos, Symi and Astypalea offering wonderful island hopping opportunities on quieter islands. Given the islands’ proximity to Turkey, there is a history of Ottoman and Turkish and even Roman rule, with influences from this rich history clearly evident on the islands today. The most convenient way to explore the Dodecanese islands is to fly to Rhodes or Kos where you will be able to visit the other islands by ferry.

Dodecanese Islands

Astypalaia • Kalymnos • Kos • Leros • Patmos • Rhodos


Unlike most of Greece’s islands, the ‘Ionian Islands’ are located to the west of mainland Greece. As the Ionian islands do not offer regular ferry services between each other & as well as being inaccessible to Greece’s other islands by ferry, they are not known for island hopping, despite these islands being very popular in their own right. To explore the Ionian islands, it is best to fly to Corfu, Zakynthos or Kefalonia. There are fewer ferry links to the other Ionian islands with many routes being indirect.

Ionian Islands

Corfu • Cephalonia • Ithaca • Kythira • Lefkada • Paxi • Zakynthos


The Saronic Islands, sometimes referred to as the Argo-Saronic Islands, are named after the Saronic Gulf and Argolic Gulf, both of which are formed by mainland Greece, in which the islands are situated. The most popular island is Aegina while the island of Hydra is famed for its no motor vehicle policy and its beauty is famous for attracting and inspiring artists and poets. Given the islands’ proximities and convenience to the mainland and one of Athens’ main port, Piraeus, these islands are popular with holidaymakers staying on the mainland as well as mainland locals. Daily ferries from Athens make visiting the Saronic islands very easy.

Saronic Islands

Aegina • Agistri • Dokos • Hydra • Poros • Salamina • Spetses

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