5 of the Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Greece

5 of the Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Greece

Summary: The most romantic sunsets in Greece for couples.

5 of the Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Greece

What is better than a glass of wine or beer and a beautiful sunset on your holiday? It is the perfect way to appreciate fresh air, stunning surroundings and the beauty of the natural cycle of the sun.

Greece has some fantastic sunset sports and here we have picked five of the best places for you to admire the views and feel the warmth and magic of the end of the day.

Oia, Santorini

Oia in the north of Santorini often tops polls as the best place to watch the sunset in the world and with good reason. The setting of Oia, with it’s pristine white buildings hugging on to the sheer cliffs at about 300m high creates the perfect backdrop with plenty of bars and cafes advertising their sunset spots. Wherever you end up you will be treated to a stunning sunset that will burn in to your memory forever.

Cabo Sunion, Athens

Cabo Sunion is approximately seventy kilometres from Athens and offers a sunset that is breathtakingly magic. As the sun sets it is framed between the Temple of Poseidon which creates magnificent photo opportunities. The only slight drawback to Cabo Sunion is it’s popularity with both locals and tourists which sometimes makes it extremely busy.

Little Venice, Mykonos

Mykonos may be one of Greece’s premier party destinations but this hasn’t taken away any of the islands natural beauty. The neighbourhood of Little Venice is the pick of the areas and there are plenty of seafront bars to sit and enjoy some drinks whilst watching the changing tranquil sky.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

The incredible Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia has won countless awards for being one of the beast beaches in the Mediterranean. The long white pebble beach and turquoise waters sparkle throughout the day but it is at sunset from the cliff top when the beach is at it’s most mesmerising.

Portara, Naxos

The Portara is the entrance door to the remains of a temple that dates back to the 6th Century BC and was believed to have been dedicated to Apollo. Previously located on a hill, it is now a separate little island that is connected to the mainland by a short causeway. As the sunsets the door perfectly frames the changing colours before the sky slowly turns dark and the Portara is lit up by some perfectly placed lighting.

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