The Best Things to Do in Tremendous Tunisia

The Best Things to Do in Tremendous Tunisia

Summary: Suggestions of what to do in Tunisia.

The Best Things to Do in Tremendous Tunisia

The beautiful country of Tunisia has so much to see and do and whether you are planning a relaxing holiday with just one or two excursions or a full two-week adventure holiday, you will be spoilt for choice with options. From incredible golf courses that will please even the most experienced golfer to colourful markets that will invigorate the senses and provide endless shopping opportunities, there is something for everybody.

Tunisia is a fascinating area to dive with an incredible underwater world. One of the most popular areas to dive is Monastir which has more than 20 registered diving locations, suitable for all levels of divers from beginners to advanced. Incredible sites include Alyssa Epave, which is a wonderful coral reef that reaches almost 60 meters. The HMS Manchester wreck at a depth of approximately 80 meters is fascinating to explore as is the Bhiri Wreck where you can often spot dolphins and pilot whales. Tunisia’s warm annual climate ensures that diving can be done all year round, although the best time of year is from March to November.

Traditional markets are still very much a part of everyday life in Tunisia and the souks are open throughout the day until approximately 6-7pm in the evening. Wandering around the souks you will see the locals catching up over a glass of tea and taking a break from the heat in the summer months. There is some beautiful locally made produce in Tunisia that can be found in the souks, the most popular items being rugs, carpets, jewellery and ceramics. Even if you are not looking to buy any local produce, the souks are a great place to visit to soak up the hustle and bustle of traditional Tunisian life.

Most people will not want to leave Tunisia without seeing the Sahara desert. Camel trekking is a popular activity for visitors of all ages and is a great opportunity to experience the desert environment. You will feel like you are in a film as you sit high on your camel soaking up the incredible surroundings. Another unforgettable way to see the Sahara is to take a hot air balloon ride at sun rise and get a birds eye view of the desert landscape as the sun comes up and illuminates the sand .

Bird watching fans will love the Ichekul National Park, a World Heritage listed National Park where 200,000 Palearctic waterfowl including flamingos, geese and storks migrate every year to escape the cold European winters. The park is also home to jackals, wild boar and water buffalo and has some great hiking routes which make a fantastic day out.

There are endless other activities and things to do in this enchanting country, you’ll just have to visit to discover even more!

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