Hand Gestures To Avoid Around The World

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27 October 2017 | Greece , Egypt

Hand Gestures To Avoid Around The World

Worth Taking Note...

If you’ve ever travelled around the world, you’ll know that that cultures vary from country to country and something completely innocent in one place can be hugely offensive in another.

Hand gestures are one such example that can land you in some sticky situations if used in the wrong place at the wrong time overseas. Gestures as innocent as a thumbs up in the UK could lead to you upsetting all around you if used in Greece or Thailand. And don’t even think about beckoning someone with a finger wag in Japan.

To try and help you avoid falling into any of these awkward traps, we’ve put together a video guide to the key hand gestures to be aware of that could get you into a spot of bother, and which countries you should avoid using them in.

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