Who else has been hooked on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II this past month? The phenomenal nature documentary has taken the world by storm, with more young people tuning in to the Attenborough show than X Factor this year. From the iguanas vs. snake scene which had us on the edge of our seats, to the dancing grizzly bears which left us crying with laughter - the 6-part series has been an exciting, emotional and eye-opening insight into the wondrous natural world around us.

The thrilling series, which follows on from the astounding first season of Planet Earth which was released in 2006, was filmed across 40 different countries and we were delighted to see Cyplon favourite Israel appear on the show. One iconic scene we saw in Israel was a battle between bats and scorpions, as the Otonycteris hemprichii long-eared bat hunted its prey, the death stalker scorpion, in the Negev Desert.

We also saw another interesting animal make an appearance in Israel, the Nubian Ibex. The Nubian Ibex is a rare find, with fewer than 2000 of the species thought to be in existence.

Another of our Cyplon favourties, Egypt was featured in the first series of Planet Earth with some outstanding shots of the White Desert.

Have a look at our infographic below to see all of the Planet Earth filming locations across series 1 and 2 mapped, and find out what you can see across each destination.