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Greece is a classic destination in every of the word. Classic in that its history, civilisation and mythology date back thousands of years with Greece being able to offer some of the world’s most historically important sites. Classic in that Greece’s views and imagery are renowned the world over, in particular the Cycladic white and blue architecture of the islands and the famous blazing orange sunsets. Classic in that the warmth and kindness you will receive from the locals is second to none and is akin to the hospitality of a bygone era.

Greece At A Glance:

  • Airports: ATH, HER
  • Avg. Flight Time: 3h-4h 30m
  • Avg. Temperature: 27-29°C
  • Avg. Transfer Time: 30m
  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Currency: EUR
  • Language: Greek
  • Population: 11,030,000
Family in Greece

Greece More Info:


Greece has traditionally been, and still is, an ideal place to go on a family holiday. Here you will find everything that you and your family will need for that special time away together, including fantastic sandy beaches, quality hotels offering All Inclusive packages, many dedicated and quality kids clubs and facilities in the hotels, incredible historical sites that will invigorate your children’s minds about ancient history and the wondrous Greek mythology. Most importantly this is all in a country where your family can feel safe and secure.

History & Culture

Visit the most important landmark in Greece by taking a trip to visit the Acropolis in Athens. With simply breathtaking views we highly recommend that you ensure you are there for the glorious sunset. Whilst you are there why not also visit the fantastic new Acropolis Museum offering you an abundance of incredible facts and stories? Other archaeological musts include visiting the Palace of Knossos in Crete which was the home of King Minos. We recommended making use of the expert tour-guides who can add amazing detail to several thrilling legends such as the myth of the Labyrinth, the Minotaur and that of Daidalos and Ikaros.


Greek food shares much in common with cuisines from around the Mediterranean and also from the Middle East. Greece is blessed with some exceptional natural produce, including olives and olive oil, vegetables and herbs, cheeses and yoghurts, and the cuisine reflects this, relying on quality, natural products. Greek cuisine incorporates a wide variety of meats, fresh fish and vegetables so people with all types of eating requirements will
be satisfied. A must try is a typical Greek ‘Souvlaki’ and ‘Gyros’, grilled meat wrapped in pitta bread, ‘Stifado’ which is a rabbit stew, and freshly caught swordfish.


Being able to grow some of the world’s best grapes allows Greece to produce some exceptional wines and they have been doing so for thousands of years, although the rest of the world has not quite yet discovered the quality of Greek wines. Other traditional alcoholic beverages native to Greece are ‘Ouzo’, an aniseed flavour aperitif that is often added to water, ‘Retsina’, a white wine with a truly distinct taste and ‘Tsipouro’, a spirit made from grape skins that is not for the faint hearted

Island Hopping

Why not live out a life-long dream and “hop” around the enchanted Greek islands and experience them in all their glory. Enjoy the blazing orange sunsets of Santorini, the ultra chic nightlife of Mykonos, the Medieval and Venetian history and architecture of Rhodes, the white sandy beaches of Crete, the peace and tranquility of Naxos or simply relive the movie Mamma Mia! on the island of Skopelos. Why pick one when you can have them all? Here at Cyplon Holidays, we can expertly arrange you island hoping experience, helping you to experience your dream island hopping, whether you are looking for pure romance, adventure, escapism or a mixture of everything, we are here to help!


Another great way to see as much of Greece and her islands as possible is to cruise. Cyplon Holidays can offer you some fantastic 3, 4 and 7 day cruises allowing you to have a taste of it all. For those looking for something a little bit more special, why not try a small ship cruise, where there won’t be more than 50 passengers on board and you will feel like you are on your own private luxury yacht.

Unrivaled Romantic Hot-Spots

Visit Santorini, famed for is blazing orange sunsets, and take in some of the most life-changing views that our entire planet has to offer. With the glistening rays of sun beating down on the traditional blue and white architecture, sprinkled with the most wonderful colours from the surrounding flowers - it truly is a sight to behold and cherish!

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