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Blog | Spa Holidays In Jordan

Spa Holidays In Jordan

The Dead Sea has some powerful healing qualities, and it is one of the main reasons why tourists are flocking to Jordan for spa holidays. The Dead Sea is Jordan’s worst-kept secret...

23 January 2018 | Angela Eleftheriou
Blog | Amman Holiday Travel Guide

Amman Holiday Travel Guide

Are you looking for an authentic Jordanian city experience? Perhaps you are looking for a base to visit the Dead Sea or Petra. How does a 5-hour flight to Capital City of Jordan sound?

01 November 2017 | Angela Eleftheriou
Blog | Ultimate Petra Holiday Guide

Ultimate Petra Holiday Guide

Holidays to Jordan are incomplete without visiting the historical and archaeological city of Petra, which in fact were beautifully carved out of the Mount Hor in the third century BC.

18 July 2017 | Angela Eleftheriou
Blog | One Of The Seven Wonders

One Of The Seven Wonders

A World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the 7 wonders of the world, the ancient city of Petra is located in the southern desert landscapes of Jordan...

10 April 2017 | Angela Eleftheriou
Blog | Guided Tours Of Jordan

Guided Tours Of Jordan

Jordan is one of the very few destinations in the world that can combined Cultural sites with Luxury Beach resorts, and it is often over-looked by tourists seeking beach holidays...

02 February 2017 | Angela Eleftheriou

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